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About Us

Joseph and Brandalyn are an energetic couple with a passion for helping others. Married since 2004, they are born and raised in Michigan and have 3 beautiful children.

Joseph and Brandalyn are long-time business owners. They are Certified Personal Trainers, have over 30 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, and are the former owners of a fitness center where they served over 800 members. In 2014, they sold their fitness center in pursuit of additional business goals and life passions. 

In May of 2016, only six months postpartum from their third child; Brandalyn received the Honorable Mention award in Labrada Nutrition's Lean Body Challenge.

Joseph is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and has been mentored by some of the top financial coaches in the industry.

Joseph provides financial coaching to individuals, couples, and businesses. He guides them through their financial situation and puts them on a path to financial freedom.

The couple share similar interests and enjoy working together. They feel their individual strengths bring a unique and well-rounded experience to their clients.

When the Bylers are not pursuing their business goals, they enjoy discussing their latest read on personal development and spending time on the local nature trail with their kids. In addition, Brandalyn enjoys homeschooling their children, refurbishing furniture, and writing. Joseph is a Master Carpenter and a visionary. He is an outdoorsman and has a special passion for hunting Michigan's White Tail. Joseph enjoys creating masterpieces out of scrap wood and pallets as well as spending time with the family dog named Pearl.  

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